July is considered a hot summer month. Due to humidity, August can also be hot. The hotter the days, the more you use your air conditioner. It is possible for an AC to have a few minor problems due to overtime work on the peak summer days. However, you can avoid such problems or AC repair in Poway, CA, and save money this summer by following these few helpful tips on summer savings for AC.

Adjust to a Normal Temperature

Did you know you can still feel cool and comfortable if you turn your AC temperature to 70-75° Fahrenheit? Yes, you don’t necessarily need to put the AC at 68 degrees when you can enjoy a suitable temperature of 72 or 75. You may also use fans while you use your AC. Increasing the temperature by a bit and using fans can help your AC take less load and work more efficiently, saving you money and lowering your power bill.

Keep It Clean

It is vital to keep your air conditioner clean, and your AC service provider might have informed you about this during AC installation in Poway, CA. You may start cleaning or changing the filter if you have a replaceable air filter. These filters accumulate dust over time usage and can restrict the airflow, causing your AC to work hard.

Likewise, dirty ducts and vents can have the same effect on your AC. When it works hard, it uses more power and becomes vulnerable to damage or malfunction. Keeping your AC, ducts, and vents clean will ensure your AC consumes less power and you avoid future repair costs.

Cover Your Windows to Reduce Sunlight

During hot summer days, sunlight coming through your windows can heat up your home and reduce your AC’s effectiveness. Keeping your windows covered during the day will help your AC maintain your desired cooling without working for extended hours. Apart from that, you can also place a few plants in your home to ease the load on your AC. Indoor plants can help maintain a cool environment in your home, helping your AC consume less power, leading to lower energy bills and more savings.

Use AC and Other Appliances Properly.

It is important to utilize your AC efficiently. For instance, turn off auto mode and turn your AC or HVAC system off if you are going away for a long time. It will save energy that is consumed when on standby mode. You should also avoid using heat-producing devices in the room with the thermostat to keep your air conditioning system working efficiently, avoiding HVAC repair in San Diego in the future.

Hire an AC Maintenance Service

Keeping your AC maintained with maintenance service by a reliable provider will help you save money this summer. AiRight Cooling Heating & Plumbing Inc. offers the best AC maintenance plans for your AC’s best performance and high efficiency. Call us to learn more – dial 866-247-2420.