How To Prepare for Emergency Plumbing Issues?

Plumbing emergencies can occur in any home, and at any time, your home could sustain water damage. It can result in excessive water bills and costly repairs. Call a professional plumbing service expert in Riverside, CA, to fix the issue appropriately and on time.

Occasionally you have to take immediate action to stop the issue from creating more trouble, and there isn’t time to call a plumber. In that situation, you should know the essential tips for a plumbing emergency.

Tips to Help You Prepare for Plumbing Emergencies!

Remember, these tips are a temporary solution, and you should always call a professional plumbing service expert in Riverside, CA, to resolve the issue and to avoid troubles in the future:

  • Be alert of possible problems.
    It will help if you determine whether or not everything is functioning correctly before being involved in a significant issue. Please ensure all of the hoses and valves in your plumbing, including the one for your washing machine, are functioning correctly to keep it in good shape. It is a great way to eliminate a big problem with less effort.

    Turning off your water before a trip will spare you from worrying while you’re away. Check your water heater frequently for deterioration indications.

    Use hot water to flush the buildup out of your kitchen drain regularly. The hot water will remove all the accumulated dirt that clogs the pipes. Every restroom should include a trashcan, and people should be reminded not to flush trash down the toilet.

  • Replace damaged components
    We frequently receive a sign from the objects we use that they now require our extra attention. However, they might slip out of your attention to them because of your hectic routines. It might eventually turn out to be a significant problem.

    You should thoroughly inspect the taps and fixtures to determine whether they will endure for a long time or require replacement soon. Contact the best plumbers in Temecula, CA, to replace all the damaged or faulty pipes and taps.

    Even though the leak might not be immediately apparent, it might enlarge over time and start to leak water. Replacing can help to avoid leakage issues in the longer run.

    If you wish to check all the plumbing connections are working properly, here is an easy way to check:

  • Cut off the main water supply
  • If there is intense flooding, try to cut the main supply in the home and ensure where the main shutoff valves lie; it may be outside your home garage. Shut Off handles are usually bright colors so that you can locate them quickly.
  • Repair the leaky outlet
    Your water bill can soon spiral out of control even with a slowly dripping tap. It is impossible to comprehend when a seemingly minor issue develops into a significant problem.
  • Here is a quick guide to replacing a leaky tap:
  • Go to the leaky tap next after cutting off the main supply.
  • Once the excess water seeps out of the pipe, try to fix the faucet.
  • Replacing the washer may help, but it is time to call a professional for help if that doesn’t work.
  • Replacing the tap or seeking professional assistance from the best plumbers in San Diego is better than trying out a DIY project.
  • Pipe outburst
    An unexpected situation in the home will be a pipe outburst. To minimize flooding:
  • Place a container under the burst pipe, and immediately turn off the main supply in your home.
  • Turn the valves across the flow direction to immediately stop the water flow.
  • Using a dense cloth, wrap the leakage point and call a local plumber in Temecula, CA, to fix the problem.
  • Avoid using chemical cleaners.
    A blocked drain is an emergency of inconvenient plumbing; clogging will worsen when you use chemicals. You can pour hot water into the drain or sprinkle some baking soda and pour hot water. A plumbing service expert in Riverside, CA, can help you remove the obstruction.
  • Know independent valves
    It is essential to shut off the valve immediately in emergency plumbing. There are separate valves for washing machines, sinks, water heaters, toilets, dishwashers, etc., without turning off the supply to the entire house. You can replace, repair, or modify the problem using these valves. You should know where these valves are there in your homes.
  • Toilet emergency
    Toilet emergencies are very annoying and irritate everyone. One common problem at home is overflowing toilets; there may be several reasons, like drainpipes, blockage, and a packed house. In an emergency, shut off the valve, usually in the toilet’s bottom part, towards the rear-facing valve, or in the side. Shut off immediately to avoid a flood, and call the best plumbers in San Diego to fix it.
  • Know your plungers
    One of the essential household items is plungers; they will save huge expenses, and it is readily available item. By placing the plunger on the drain, you can clean the drainage. Using this will help you to solve soft blockage. However, if this will not help much, get in touch with the best plumbers in Poway before the problem worsens.

Wrapping Up

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Call (866) 247-2420, and we’ll resolve all your heating, cooling, or plumbing-related emergencies.

5 Plumbing Mistakes Inexperienced DIYers Tend To Make Unknowingly

Avoiding plumbing mistakes not only helps save time and money, but also helps avoid various health issues. Still, many people tend to make plumbing mistakes as they don’t realize that their actions can lead to significant plumbing issues. Plumbing mistakes not only cause a lot of inconveniences but can also lead to costly plumbing repairs. To help you avoid such issues, in this article, we will share a few plumbing mistakes that you can easily avoid.

Overtightening the Plumbing Fixtures

One of the most common mistakes inexperienced DIYers tend to make is the overtightening of plumbing fixtures such as pipes, supply tubes, and toilet bolts. This may not lead to a crack on an immediate basis, but the fixtures tend to develop cracks over time, increasing the risk of flooding.

Using Strong Chemical Cleaners

Avoid using strong chemical cleaners, as they can cause irreversible damage to your drain line. The first thing you should do to fix a drain line blockage is to use a barbed drain cleaning tool. You can also try pouring hot water and baking soda down the drain to see if that works. In case you want to use a drain cleaner, make sure you use one that your ​​local plumber recommends in Temecula, CA.

Starting the Plumbing Project Without the Right Tools

Another mistake people tend to commit is starting the plumbing DIY project without the right set of tools. And some people don’t even have the necessary spare parts to complete a plumbing job, and so many of them tend to make temporary arrangements and then forget about it later on. This, in turn, leads to plumbing issues surfacing back after a few days. So, make sure you have the required tools and spare parts before you start the plumbing project.

Forgetting to Turn Off the Water Supply

No matter how big or small the plumbing job is, don’t make the mistake of leaving the water supply on. This can lead to major flooding related problems that can cause a lot of damage to your property. So, the next time you take on a plumbing project, ensure you turn off the water supply first. Even the most experienced plumbers do this before they get on with a plumbing job.

Not Paying Attention to the Local Codes

One of the benefits of hiring a licensed expert for plumbing services in Riverside, CA, is that they are aware of the local codes and regulations. Most inexperienced DIYers are unaware of such codes, which often exposes them to the risk of getting penalized by the authorities. So, before you start a DIY plumbing project, make sure you have knowledge of the local codes and have the necessary permits.

If you are looking for one of the best plumbers in San Diego or nearby areas, contact us at Airight Cooling Heating & Plumbing Inc. Call us at 866-247-2420 or send us an email at, and one of our team members will get back to you shortly.

9 Tips You Must Follow To Avoid Plumbing Issues

Regarding home maintenance, plumbing is one of the most necessary things you need to consider. Lack of plumbing maintenance can cause a lot of inconvenience to you and your family. And while scheduling regular plumbing services in Riverside, CA, can help you avoid plumbing issues to a great extent, it is important that you take care of a few things to avoid plumbing issues. On that note, here’s a list of plumbing tips you must closely follow.

1. Do Not Pour Oil, Fats, or Grease Down the Drain

Many people tend to pour oil, fats, and grease into their plumbing drains, thinking these things are soluble in water and, therefore, harmless. But the fact is that these things are not soluble, and they tend to build up in the drain and lead to major clogging issues in the long run. So, it is advised to avoid pouring these things down the drain.

2. Know What Not to Flush Down Your Toilet

Your toilet is designed only to flush human waste and toilet paper. Avoid flushing other items, such as wipes, sanitary products, cotton balls, cotton pads, condoms, diapers, dental floss, and medicines. That’s because these products don’t disintegrate like human waste and toilet paper, so they tend to cause plumbing issues.

3. Inspect Your Pipes Regularly For Leaks and Cracks

As they say, a stitch in time saves nine. A regular inspection of your plumbing pipes for leaks and cracks will help you detect plumbing issues early on. This will not only help you avoid the inconvenience caused due to plumbing breakdowns, but it will also help you avoid major repairs that can be exorbitant.

4. Avoid the Use of Chemical Drain Cleaners

The chemical drain cleaners can damage your plumbing pipes. They lead to the deterioration of toilet bowls, dissolving of metal pipes, and warping of plastic pipes. So, it is advised to steer clear of them. And while some might argue that using chemical cleaners once in a while wouldn’t do much harm, why take that risk when one can use natural cleaners such as vinegar and baking soda?

5. Go For a Water Softener or a Whole House Water Filter

A whole-house water filter helps filter out the impurities, reducing clogging chances. Installing a whole-house water filter is a must in areas with hard water issues. If you don’t know what hard water is, well water with high mineral content is referred to as hard water. Hard water not only leads to plumbing issues but is bad for washing clothes and bathing purposes as well.

6. Keep a Plunger to Clear the Clogs

A plunger is a great tool to clear minor clogs. You can also temporarily use the plunger to fix your drain lines before a local plumber in Temecula, CA, fixes the issue. Make sure you invest in a quality plunger and don’t just buy any plunger. You should buy a cup plunger for the kitchen sink and a flange plunger for the toilet. When using the plunger, ensure the entire drain opening is covered and a seal is created when you insert the plunger into the drain line. Plunge up and down several times and pour boiling water if required. 

7. Make Sure You Know Where the Main Water Shut-off Valve is Located

Some plumbing emergencies may require you to shut down the water supply immediately. But first, make sure you know where the main shut-off valve is to avoid further damage. Usually, the main shut-off valve is located at the entrance where the main water line enters your home or near the water meter.

8. Make Sure There Are No Trees or Plants Near the Plumbing Lines

Trees with large spreading roots are one of the main causes of damage to the plumbing lines. Follow a general rule of thumb: plant the trees at least 10 feet from your sewer and drain lines. If you are planting a tree species known for its large spreading roots, it is recommended to plant the tree 100 feet away from your plumbing line.

9. Ensure Regular Inspection and Maintenance

Get your plumbing system inspected by a professional on a regular basis. Schedule a plumbing service in Riverside, CA, at least once every year. It will help you ensure that your plumbing system is running well. Regular plumbing inspection and maintenance will also help you identify plumbing issues early. This will help you avoid spending on major repairs that usually occur when small problems go unnoticed. 


Taking care of your home plumbing is important to ensure that your home is in good condition. Follow the above-mentioned tips to avoid any significant plumbing issues and emergencies. For any plumbing repair, replacement, or installation work, get in touch with us at Airight Cooling Heating & Plumbing Inc. Our team comprises the best plumbers in San Diego, no matter how complex your plumbing issue is, rest assured that we will solve it for you. To get in touch with us, call us at 866-247-2420 or send us an email at


5 Plumbing Emergencies You Should Never Ignore

Plumbing problems never occur with notice and require more of your attention. Instead, it turns out to be a more severe problem. For instance, you may lack water or hot water during the winter months. This indicates you may be experiencing a plumbing problem.

If you ever face any of these problems, the first thing to do is call an emergency plumber in San Diego. The experienced plumbing team at AiRight Cooling Heating & Plumbing Inc. is professionally trained to help you in these situations.

Let’s now discuss five plumbing emergencies you should never ignore and take quick actions as required.

Leaking Faucets

Continuous dripping of water from your faucets is not only a waste but also a factor responsible for your increased water bills. You might have taps across your home, from the kitchen and bathroom to the garage and laundry area, garden and backyard. Imagine the volume of water wasted daily if you experience a faucet leak.

Since you might need the proper tools or knowledge to fix these issues, you need to call a reliable plumber in your area instead of ignoring the leaks.

Clogged Sink Drain Line

Blocked sink drains in bathrooms or kitchens are one of the most common plumbing problems homeowners face. It happens when a solid or nearly-solid material gets stuck in the drain pipe, blocking the way for water to flow out.

You can pour a cup of baking soda and water-vinegar mixture down the drain. If this doesn’t help clear the drain, you will need professional help – a plumber near Riverside, CA, is all you need.


In most cases, water overflows when your storage tank is complete, but the supply pipe is still open. Suppose your tank has a ball or any other type of mechanism that is unable to stop the flow. In that case, you should pay attention to this because overflowing water can enter your rooms, mess with your furniture, damage electronic devices, and more.

Sewer Backup

Blocked sewer lines generally cause sewer backup, which can happen for multiple reasons. For example, dirt, soil particles, tree leaves, or even debris can enter the sewer lines and eventually block them over time. Consider this an emergency and call a professional plumber.

Burst Pipes

Water pipes get too old, and if they are not cleaned regularly, they can accumulate rust and eventually get corrupted, making them vulnerable to burst. Apart from that, the high water pressure in your pipes causes them to snap. Consciously flowing water from a line can fill your home with water fast. Therefore, call an experienced plumber to fix this problem.

At AiRight Cooling Heating & Plumbing Inc, we have a team of experienced and well-trained plumbers in Temecula, CA, capable of addressing all your plumbing needs. Share your requirements with us. Call us at 866-247-2420.