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Air Conditioner Inspection

Some property owners are under the impression that repairing your air conditioner after it breaks down is less costly than getting it serviced regularly for faults. This is why they don’t get it serviced until it stops working. However, this is not true.

Getting your air conditioner inspected regularly will ensure that any faults in the unit get sorted in a timely manner without escalating into major problems. Not only will this extend the life of your air conditioner, but it will also reduce the expenses that you will eventually need to pay on replacement parts and expensive repairs. You will also save yourself the inconvenience caused by AC trouble in the middle of a hot summer day.

If you are looking for a professional and reliable air conditioner inspection service in Poway, Riverside, Temecula, San Diego, CA, and the surrounding areas, then get in touch with our service to keep your air conditioner working nice and smoothly during summers!

Get your air conditioner inspected by our professional Airight service regularly to keep your repair bills low. Your ACs keep working smoothly when you need them the most.

When and How Often Should You Get an AC Checked?

Many customers have asked us about the best time to get their AC inspected for possible problems. We recommend that you should preferably get it checked every six months for best performance or, at least once in a year, to identify any issues with the system early on.

The start of the summer is the best time for AC inspection because the usage will go up in the following months. If your AC has been thoroughly inspected by one of our professionals, the chances of any faults with the AC are significantly reduced and you can enjoy a calm, comfortable summer.

Major Benefits of Air Conditioner Inspection

  • Energy-Efficiency: Air conditioners require a lot of energy. Problems with the cooling system or components can cause your AC to lose its energy efficiency and start consuming more power. This can have a significant impact on your energy usage and raise your bills. If you get your AC inspected by our technicians, they will make sure that your AC is operating efficiently and energy bills remain low.
  • Improved Life of The Air Conditioner: The components of your AC is interconnected and work together. Problems in one part can damage another component. For instance, a seemingly minor problem in the fuse may damage the compressor or thermostat if it is not resolved quickly. An air conditioner inspection will help improve the life of your AC as any problematic parts can be repaired or replaced before they damage other components.
  • Better Air Quality: Contaminants like dust particles, bacteria, pollen, pet dander, mold or mildew can lower the quality of air flowing through your property’s cooling system. Timely AC inspection and maintenance ensure that your air filters and air ducts are free from pollutants, sending out clean air throughout the property.
  • Enhance Safety and Security: The air conditioner generates a small amount of carbon monoxide during its cooling function. The gas is produced in a very small quantity. Air conditioners come equipped with special piping that expels the gas outside the property. If the air conditioner is neglected and CO control equipment is not inspected regularly, it can develop safety problems. For example, the engine may start producing more carbon monoxide or a leakage in the pipes can release the gas inside your building.

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