I am an HOA manager and one of my downtown San Diego properties had an AC unit fail. The building was sweltering hot and this very hot summer we’ve been experiencing didn’t help the situation. I had called several companies asking for a service tech to come out and diagnose the problem and the booking time was over 2 weeks at every company. That’s when I came across San Diego Plumbing Company! They were recommended by another manager and when I reached out, they were able to get onsite in less than a week. It was determined the building needed an entirely new unit. Airight got a bid to me within a day and the price was very competitive. Once the unit was available, his team ran with it and worked hard to get the new unit installed ASAP.

Airight Services has great customer service, good communication & response time is quick! Their efforts were very much appreciated by all those that live in the now cool building!

And from an HOA manager position, responsive service providers are what I look for when hiring!

I would most definitely use Airight again & again!