As a plumbing company in San Diego, we keep coming across several swimming pool plumbing issues. The issues vary from a simple chemical imbalance problem to a complicated swimming pool leak. But usually, swimming pool owners contact us only after the issue has gotten too complicated, which obviously is not the right thing to do.

No matter the complexity level, one must attend to a swimming pool plumbing issue on a priority basis. Any procrastination may aggravate the issue and lead to costly repairs. On that note, in this post, we list some of the most common swimming pool issues that we come across.

Swimming Pool Plumbing Leak

A pool leak is the last thing a pool owner would expect to occur in their swimming pool. Usually, a high water bill is one of the most apparent signs of a pool leak. Similarly, a boggy grass patch or cracked floor tiles may hint toward a pool leak. We suggest that one must contact a San Diego plumbing company as soon as their pool shows any signs of a leak. If left unattended, the leak might grow further, requiring a complete replacement of the plumbing system or drain line.

Air Buildup in the Swimming Pool Pump

Sometimes, air gets caught in a swimming pool pump, leading to restricted water flow. The restricted water flow, in turn, leads to cloudiness in the swimming pool and can even lead to the pool’s filter tank bursting due to excess built-up pressure in some cases. A swimming pool pump burst not just leads to costly repairs but also poses a high risk for those in the pool.

Excessive Dirt and Debris Buildup in the Pool

Dirt and debris buildup doesn’t just make a pool look dirty, but it also leads to various plumbing issues. An excessively dirty pool can cause severe problems in a pool’s filtration system. The debris may also find its way into the pool plumbing valves, leading to more significant plumbing issues. While regular swimming pool maintenance can help you prevent excess dirt and debris buildup, it is also advisable to ensure that whosoever gets into the pool takes a bath first.

Increase/Decrease in the Filter Pressure

Change in filter pressure is one of the most common issues faced by swimming pool owners. Usually, clogs, trapped air, and incorrect valve settings are the main reasons behind a decrease in filter pressure. Similarly, dirt/debris buildup and algae are the leading causes of an increase in filter pressure. To avoid pressure changes, ensure regular maintenance of your swimming pool.

A plumbing issue is the last thing you expect to happen to your swimming pool. It not only burns a hole in your pocket but also causes a lot of inconvenience. For these reasons, it is important to ensure regular maintenance of your swimming pool. If you are looking for an plumbing service in Riverside, CA, we at Airight Cooling, Heating, & Plumbing, Inc. are just a call away. 

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