Investing in a new HVAC system requires a lot of money. As you have planned to purchase a new HVAC system, know that it will set your room at the desired temperature and help reduce your energy bills if you choose one with a high-efficiency rating. Therefore, to select an excellent HVAC unit, you need to consider several factors, such as the cost and SEER rating of the systems.

What is SEER Rating?

SEER, short for seasonal energy efficiency ratio, is a rating that is typically found in numbers and shows the air conditioning unit’s efficiency. However, it does not tell how much area an AC unit can cool, whereas it shows how much warmness it can remove from a place. It is typically calculated in BTUs. The more BTUs of heat an AC unit can remove from a room, the higher its efficiency is. Consult with one of the reliable HVAC companies in San Diego to learn more about how ratings make a difference.

What is the Best SEER Rating?

Hundreds of HVAC brands on the market offer a wide range of systems in different sizes and ratings. The scale for the SEER rating has 14 as the minimum and 25 as the maximum. The higher the rating is, the more efficient the unit is. So, according to that, the best SEER rating is 21 or more.

Note: A higher rating can considerably influence the price of the unit.

Also, Consider AFUE Rating

Besides checking an HVAC system’s SEER rating, do not forget to consider its AFUE rating. While the SEER rating is associated with the air conditioning unit, AFUE, short for annual fuel utilization efficiency, is related to the heating unit of an HVAC system. It measures the capacity of a furnace to produce heat using a specific amount of energy. As you will be using the heating unit during winter, checking the AFUE rating is essential. If you choose an HVAC system with high ratings and use it properly, you can avoid HVAC repair in San Diego for a long time.

How Does Higher Efficiency Help You Save Money in the Long Run?

An HVAC system’s high rating reflects that its efficiency is high. High efficiency means it will function smoothly without consuming much power, which is hardly found in old or problematic systems. As it will consume less power (if maintained well over time), it will help reduce your energy bills, saving you some money each month which accounts for a lot in the long run.

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