Your home or office plumbing system carries water often, which makes it remain exposed to multiple minerals and other substances that can cause corrosion, weakening the pipes and increasing the risk of blockage. Therefore, you are advised to get your plumbing system inspected routinely. You can fix minor issues during the initial stage and avoid more significant plumbing problems.

Routine plumbing inspections will help you keep your system maintained, reducing the risk of damages and preventing high costs for major plumbing repairs in Poway, CA.

What is a Plumbing Inspection?

The core purpose of a plumbing inspection is to thoroughly check the entire water system of your home or property in order to make sure there’s no potential risk. Most plumbing inspections include both indoor water systems and drainage/sewage systems. Looking for signs of leaks, corrosion, or damage? Professionals plumbers are trained to check:

  • Indoor and outdoor water pipes
  • Sewage lines
  • Sinks
  • Bathtubs
  • Water heaters
  • Hose bibs
  • Faucets
  • Toilets
  • Showers

When Should You Get a Plumbing Inspection?

There can be various reasons you need a plumbing inspection; let’s discuss the four primary ones.

To avoid high plumbing repair costs.

You don’t want to go a single day without water in your home; the situation would not only become difficult but also a little dangerous. In addition, major plumbing repair work can take a few hours or a couple of days in case of pipe replacement. Therefore, routine plumbing inspections are advised to avoid future repair work and hefty repair costs.

To ensure your new home is free from plumbing issues.

Even if the previous owner has provided you with a clean report of the plumbing system in the home you are planning to buy, you should get a professional plumbing inspection completed. This is because the report you get communicates that faucets, toilet flush, and sewage lines are working properly, but not the true condition of the system. Especially when you are going to buy an older home, you should get it inspected by a licensed plumbing company offering reliable plumbing services in San Diego.

To make sure your home’s new owners won’t face any plumbing issues

Before you sell your home, you need to check everything, including the plumbing system and its condition. Doing this helps you avoid fines and a lawsuit. Therefore, get a comprehensive plumbing inspection for your home before selling it.

To fix problems that you spot.

Most plumbing issues will not be identified easily; however, some problems might show signs like leakage, seepage, damp environment at home, etc. If you notice anything that tells you about a plumbing problem, you should hire a trusted and experienced plumber for a plumbing inspection.

What Happens After the Inspection?

Once the plumber is done with the inspection, they will recommend what your next action will be. This typically depends on the result of the inspection. For example, if there are minor leaks, they can fix those issues easily within the same day. In case they find significant issues, such as damaged or corrosion-hit pipes, they might suggest replacing the lines, which can take a few hours or a day or two. If the plumber finds everything in its best condition, they would simply suggest the following inspection for the next year.

Benefits of Routine Plumbing Inspections

The plumbing inspection helps keep a check on mold growth inside the pipes and clean them on time to avoid degrading water quality and other issues that usually arise due to corroded pipes.

It also helps you determine the age of your plumbing system and its life expectancy, further helping you decide when to get it restored or replaced.

The inspection reports contain the complete information of the inspection, problems found, and solutions implemented. As you maintain these records, this information would be helpful for plumbing repair works in the future.

If plumbing issues are left unresolved for a long period of time, they can damage not only the plumbing system but the structure of your home too. For example, due to leaking pipes, water can seep through your walls, ruining wall paints and electrical wiring. With such issues in place, the actual value of your home decreases. A plumbing inspection makes sure there’s no potential risk to your home or property due to plumbing issues.

Another big benefit of plumbing inspections is that you can avoid emergency situations. You might not even know what type of problem is developing inside your pipes. If you keep them in check with plumbing inspections, you can fix small problems on time, as when they grow, they can become costly to fix.

Who Does a Plumbing Inspection?

When it comes to hiring someone for a plumbing inspection, make sure you choose only professionals, as they will have the necessary certificates, tools, expertise, and experience to inspect your plumbing system efficiently.

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