HVAC systems heat and cool rooms, allow air to flow freely between indoor and outdoor spaces, and ensure that you breathe filtered indoor air. But can a neighbor’s HVAC system impair your level of comfort and cause problems for you? 

Problems Caused By Neighbour’s HVAC System

If all of the houses in your neighborhood are built close enough, the positioning and functioning of your neighbor’s HVAC system may have an impact on your home as well. The installation of furnaces and ACs can be problematic, particularly in tight quarters such as apartments. We also provide plumbing services in San Diego.

The vibrations caused by the HVAC system can be so problematic that one can feel the earth shaking under their feet. In addition, low-frequency sounds have the potential to be hazardous. Humans can generally detect noises in the 20-20,000 Hz range, and it is well recognized that frequencies in this range can cause hearing damage. 

Infrasound has a frequency of less than 20 Hz. Therefore, human ears can’t detect it. However, it is possible to experience them in other areas of the body at higher levels, and it can indeed cause a severe headache.

Suppose your neighbor’s HVAC system is located close to your home. In that case, the noise generated by the compressor motor in the outdoor unit (which can range from 45-50 decibels to 80-85 decibels) can negatively impact your quality of life.

Types of Sound Emitting From the HVAC

Humming or Buzzing 

Vibration is frequently the origin of a humming or buzzing noise. This usually indicates that a part is loose and could collide with another part of the AC unit, causing damage to both. Suggest them to take professional help such as AC repair San Diego

High Pitch Squealing Noise

Squealing, shrieking, and whistling are warning signals that the air conditioner is malfunctioning. If the unit is generating a high-pitched noise, the ears and head will suffer a lot.


  • If your neighbor’s HVAC system is causing you significant discomfort, you can consider speaking with them and working out a solution for both of you. 
  • If the loud noise from their HVAC system is disrupting your daily routine and keeping you from obtaining a good night’s sleep, suggest that they use a sound-deadening blanket to soften the sounds. 
  • They can have it wrapped around their compressor by an HVAC service expert like AC service San Diego, which will considerably lessen the sound produced by the compressor. 
  • They can also reduce noise by erecting a solid wood fence around their system.
  • If your neighbors refuse to listen or take action, you can build a tall wooden fence between your properties to limit the loud noise considerably. 
  • If the hazardous gases emitted by your neighbor’s HVAC system are intolerable, you can purchase an air purifier to provide your home with fresh and filtered air.

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