The summer vacation in San Diego is generally when families spend time away from their homes and look to spend time in a holiday home or other destinations. Unfortunately, the holiday which can range from a few days to months long will involve leaving one’s house unattended for that period. 

Therefore, many homeowners return to their homes to find that their plumbing systems have deteriorated. Thus, it requires plumbing services in San Diego

Precautions Before the Vacation 

One can carry out specific protocols to prevent the discomfort of investing in plumbing repairs after summer vacation. According to HVAC companies in San Diego, this includes the following precautions that should be taken during this time: 

Calibrating the Thermostat 

In the case of the water heater, one would have to set the thermostat to the pilot setting. This will prevent the water heater from turning on when one is away due to heating the water. Thus, energy will be conserved, resulting in lesser utility bills. 

The thermostat on the HVAC system will also be set to around 70 degrees Fahrenheit to keep the indoor plants alive. You can also contact us for AC service San Diego.

Turn off the Water Supply

The main water supply can also be turned off to ensure that no water will flow from outlets that are not closed. This can be done by shutting off the main valve near the water meter, usually present outside the house. 

Sprinkler Problems

Homeowners tend to their lawns and gardens more during the summer than in other seasons. As a result, appliances like lawnmowers can cause problems with the sprinkler system. As a result, sprinklers are unlikely to break or a decreased water supply to the sprinkler head. 

Clean Out Drains 

Another requirement during the summer would involve clearing out the gutters. Debris, sand, and mud can accumulate in the drains present outside or inside the house. Therefore, one would be required to monitor the state of the drain to prevent clogging. We provide the best air conditioning repair in Riverside.

Unclog Drains

Leaves and other debris can also be the culprit that causes clogs in the drains. This can further result in a musty smell throughout the house. Therefore, one must ensure that the region around the drains, especially the outdoor ones, is free from debris. 

Volunteers to Check-in

However, despite all the checks one may do before leaving, asking a friend or relative to check in on the house is the best option to prevent major plumbing problems. In addition to ensuring that all the appliances and faucets are turned off, one can detect problems with shared plumbing. 

Thus, one can be sure that they will not come home to various unpleasant smells after a long vacation due to flooding or worse. For other unfortunate cases that one does need repairs, especially for a leaking AC or non-functioning furnace, a homeowner can opt for the services of HVAC companies in San Diego

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