Are you looking for an AC installation in Riverside? Whether replacing your old AC or getting one for the first time, you should know everything that matters for an excellent air conditioning experience. Although homeowners invest in a new AC when their old one gives them a series of problems or stops working, you might have your reasons. Regardless, we will help you understand some key points you need to know before proceeding further with the new AC installation for your home. Let’s start with the most important ones.

Plan It

You might be busy with your daily schedule, and picking up the wrong AC installation time can be a mistake. Instead, plan it according to your future schedule; for instance, the best day for AC installation could be your day off. Then, you will have enough time to see if the air conditioner is installed exactly the way you want.

Keep It Flexible

Refrain from assuming that your AC can be installed in an hour. Sometimes, the technicians might need more availability for your AC installation, or other times, you might not be available at home. This is why planning is essential, but you should be flexible.

Choose the Right AC Unit

With thorough research, consider the importance of choosing an air conditioner unit carefully. Take your time and take your time with buying an AC, as you might make the wrong decision. Therefore, understand your needs first and then look for options that might be suitable for you.

Contact an AC Contractor

There are many contractors for AC service in Riverside, and you may contact a few of them to explore options. Also, almost all of them feature AC manufacturers and can suggest the best one for your needs. Get quotes from multiple companies before you decide on one.

Key Things You Should Know About Choosing Your New AC Unit

You might wonder what to look for in an AC and other critical deciding factors. If so, you are already doing well. However, since it is a costly decision you make once in a decade, it is essential to consider a few crucial factors before purchasing a new AC.

Your Home Size

You don’t want to buy a small-sized AC for your big room or vice versa. However, the size of your AC should be compatible with your room size. Thus, check your room size or contact a professional AC technician who can help you choose the best fit for your home.

SEER Rating

In HVAC, SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. It helps you measure the efficiency of your AC which is directly linked to its energy consumption. Energy Star qualifies air conditioners with 14.5 or above points as their SEER rating. Most of today’s air conditioners come with a SEER rating of 13 to 21, and you can choose any with a rating between this range.

BTUs – Cooling Capacity

BTU stands for British Thermal units in the HVAC industry. SEER rating and BTUs are generally mentioned in the unit’s booklet. However, you can ask for this information from the manufacturer or visit your favorite brand’s website. The higher the BTUs, the more the unit can remove hot air from your room.


The price range for AC units can vary by a significant difference. As so many brands manufacture air conditioners with different sizes, models, features, etc., their prices will differ. Therefore, it is best to have a budget for a new AC installation, considering your future needs or plans.

Intelligent Features (Optional)

The fast-advancing technology is making our lives easier, or in other words, helping us manage our daily household or work chores. Similarly, the new-era air conditioners might also have features such as smartphone connectivity. For example, you can use your smartphone to control AC functions, or there can be a mobile app to keep you updated about scheduled maintenance and minor issues.

A Mini Guide to The Right AC Installation and Use

Air conditioning systems are appliances made up of multiple interconnected components to work at their best. It can include the ducts and vents and the AC outdoor unit too. Check your home to know what needs to be removed and what to add for the best installation of your new AC.

You may also take help from experienced AC technicians at AiRight Cooling Heating & Plumbing Inc for inspection and professional advice. Our technicians can also help you identify your home needs and minor or significant changes (for instance, insulation or ductwork installation) for the unit’s best performance.

When it comes to using your air conditioner the right way, it starts with taking care of it. Timely air conditioner maintenance helps you keep the unit in its best condition, enabling you to avoid the hefty costs  of AC or HVAC repair in San Diego.

AiRight Cooling Heating & Plumbing Inc. is a name you can trust for your new AC installation. We are a licensed firm that has been providing exceptional services to residential and commercial customers since 2007. We understand your AC-related needs, pay attention to your concerns, and are happy to answer your questions. So, let us make the process easier for you. Call us today to discuss more. Dial 866-247-2420.