If you’ve ever been frustrated by a clogged drain, you already know that plumbing problems can be a huge pain. The good news is that there are many ways to fix or prevent plumbing issues by contacting the best plumbing in Poway.

One of the most common drain issues is hair getting stuck in your drain. Hair can build up over time and cause your sink to back up or slow down. It can also clog drains, which can cause flooding and make it harder for water to flow through your pipes.

Another common problem is blockages caused by food particles washed down the drain. If you’re dealing with a plumbing issue, a few things can help make an appointment with the best plumbers in Poway easier. Continue reading as we discuss the in-depth concepts of the topic.

What Are Common Types of Drain Issues? How to Fix It?

There are many types of drain issues, and understanding the cause of your problem is the first step to getting it fixed. Some common types of drain issues include:

  • Plumbing fixtures that are backed-up
    If you’re seeing a drain in your toilet backup, it could be caused by several things. The most common cause is a clog somewhere in the plumbing system, usually caused by food particles washed down the drain. If you notice this issue, try plunging the drain with a plunger to dislodge any debris caught in the pipes. If that doesn’t work, call a local plumber in Temecula, CA, who can identify and fix the problem.

  • Unwanted rodents in your plumbing
    If you notice rodents (such as mice or rats) inside your home, it could be because they’re trying to get into your plumbing system from outside sources like sewers or storm drains. If this happens often enough, rodents can cause damage to your plumbing fixtures by chewing through them and creating leaks where they enter into walls and floors. To prevent this, seal off all entry points using steel wool or caulking around doors, windows, and vents leading outside so that rodents cannot get inside without being noticed before doing any damage.

  • Abnormal increases in your water bills
    If you notice that your water bill has gone up, check to see if there are any leaks in your home. A leaky toilet can account for hundreds of gallons of wasted water each month, and a leaking faucet or running dishwasher can also lead to significant increases.
    If you find that there are no leaks, then it’s time to take a look at your home’s plumbing system. It may be time for the best plumbers in San Diego to clean or inspect a plumber.

  • Continually overflowing or clogging toilets
    Another issue that many homeowners face is clogged toilets. When this happens, the first thing to do is run cold water into the bowl until it drains completely. Then add one cup of white vinegar and baking soda to both sides of the toilet bowl (not on top) and let it sit overnight before flushing again with cold water and waiting 30 minutes before using again so that the vinegar smell will dissipate. Be sure not to flush while it sits there.

  • Standing or pooling water
    There are several reasons why your drain may be standing or pooling water. The most likely culprit is a clogged drain, which a leaky pipe could also cause. If you have standing water in your sink, check to see if there are any visible hair or food particles that could be causing the blockage. If so, remove them with a pair of tongs or pliers.

    If you don’t see anything blocking the drain, then turn off the faucet and try running hot water down the drain. If this doesn’t work, try using a plunger or chemical drain cleaner to dislodge whatever might be stuck inside the pipe—but be careful when using chemicals! They can cause plumbing problems if not used correctly.

    If none of these options work for you, contact the best plumber in Poway who can help diagnose and resolve the issue.

  • Foul smelling drains and musty odors
    Foul-smelling drains and musty odors are other common types of drain issues. This often happens when you use your kitchen sink sparingly but let food sit in it for days before cleaning it out. This makes the drain smell bad and gives off an unpleasant odor throughout the house. If this happens to you, try cleaning out your garbage disposal with vinegar every few months to keep it smelling fresh.

  • Gurgling sounds coming from sinks or toilets
    If you listen a gurgling sound coming from your sink or toilet, it’s probably due to an issue with the trap, which is the part of the drain that holds water and prevents sewer gasses from coming back into your home. You can fix this problem by replacing the trap (or drain assembly) with a new one. If you need help with how to do that yourself, hire the best plumbers in Poway. They’ll know what tools they need and how to work safely.

Final Word

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